This MAGIC Indicator Shows You When To Buy and Sell (DeMark)

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2 min readNov 27, 2023


Tired of not knowing where to buy? Scared of losing a ton of money in the next crash? I’m thrilled to share a game-changing indicator that can help you spot trend reversals and give you an edge. This magical indicator, known as the DeMark Indicator, is proven to predict significant market moves, including the 2020 crash.

The DeMark Indicator — A Shield Against Market Crashes

The DeMark Indicator, developed by the legendary trader Thomas DeMark, is a powerful tool designed to signal potential trend reversals. In the 2020 Crash, this indicator provides a 7 8 9 reversal alert right before the market took a significant downturn. Not only did it help avoid the crash’s impact, but it also presented opportunities to profit from the downside.

Understanding the numbers 7, 8, and 9 in the DeMark Indicator is crucial. The sequence is based on the prior four candles, and as the count reaches 7, 8, or 9 in a row of closing below the previous four candles, it signals a potential reversal. The higher the count, the more likely a trend reversal is imminent. This indicator excels in identifying optimal entry and exit points, giving you a strategic advantage in your trades.

How To Read And Use The Indicator

Now, let’s explore how to use the DeMark Indicator effectively in your trading strategy. The magic lies in combining the indicator with other tools, enhancing its predictive power. When paired with a simple moving average line, the DeMark Indicator can provide early indications of trend changes. This allows you to enter or exit trades with precision.

If you spot a 7, 8, 9 reversal alert and notice the moving average line aligning with the potential reversal, it’s a strong trade signal. If you’re in a short position, the DeMark Indicator can alert you to exit before potential profits are eroded. On the flip side, if you receive a 789 buy alert, it can serve as a green light to enter a long position or capitalize on bullish market movements.

Adding The Indicator to Your Chart (My FREE Private Link)

Adding the DeMark Indicator to your chart has never been easier. You need to click the free Tradingview link below and add it to your favorites.


In conclusion, this Indicator is a valuable addition to your trading toolkit, providing insights into potential trend reversals. By understanding the 7 8 9 sequence and combining it with other indicators, you can make informed decisions, stay ahead of market moves, and optimize your entries and exits for profitable outcomes.

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