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3 min readFeb 12, 2024


Want an all in one trend trading indicator? I’m going to share access to an indicator that I created over 5 years ago and have been constantly improving. This is the best indicator for trend traders. AND I’m going to show you how to get it for FREE!

The All In One Trend Trading Indicator

If you’re all about riding the trend and maximizing profits, this indicator is your new best friend. Imagine a tool that not only tells you when to enter a trend but also when to exit and stay on the sidelines. The Trend Trading Indicator does just that, offering buy and sell signals with double confirmation, making it a must-have for trend traders.

The magic lies in its ability to consider both short-term and long-term trends. By incorporating a simple 10-period moving average, it adapts quickly to short-term market movements. The color-coded signals — blue for buy, white for sell, and gray for stay out — indicate the alignment of short and long-term trends. Blue signals a bullish trend, white warns of a potential downturn, and gray signals uncertainty, prompting caution.

Crafting Winning Strategies with the Trend Trading Indicator

Understanding how to use this indicator is key to unlocking its full potential. Trend trading success requires analyzing multiple time frames, and the Trend Trading Indicator streamlines this process. By combining short and long-term trends, it guides you to optimal trading decisions.

  • Buy Signals (Blue): Consider buying the stock, purchasing a call option, selling a put credit spread, or even selling a put option.
  • Sell Signals (White): Look into inverse ETFs, buy puts for downside protection, or enter call credit spreads to profit from a market decline.
  • Stay Out Signals (Gray): When uncertainty looms, it’s often wise to sit on the sidelines. The gray signal suggests staying out of the trade until a clearer trend emerges.

But that’s not all! To add more firepower, the indicator includes three additional trading tools, all packed into one. The Super Trend, Predictive Trend Channels, Cloud Signals, and Advanced Trend Lines enhance your analysis, providing valuable confirmation signals and target prices.

Accessing this Indicator for FREE

Now, the exciting part! Most traders would pay a hefty sum for such a powerful indicator, but I’m offering you a backdoor link for free access. Simply click the link here, and you’ll find yourself on a page offering a free trial to my Discord membership.

Once you start the free trial, you’ll receive lifetime access to the Trend Trading Indicator. Yes, you read that right — even if you decide not to continue with the Discord membership, the indicator is yours to keep. It works seamlessly on both Thinkorswim and TradingView, and you’ll receive any future updates without additional charges.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to access the Trend Trading Indicator for free. Click the link, start your free trial, and let’s embark on a journey of profitable trend trading together.

Thanks for reading 🙂
Austin Bouley
CEO & Chief Strategy Officer



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