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Are you tired of trading zero-day-to-expiration (0 DTE) options on the SPX without consistent success? Perhaps you’re new to trading these options and feel a bit lost. Well, I’m here to walk you through my stress-free and straightforward approach to trading 0 DTE SPX options, helping you make money with confidence. Let’s dive into the step-by-step guide!

Setting Up Your Chart for Success

The first step in implementing this strategy is to set up your charting platform. I recommend using a free platform like or your broker’s platform. Once you’re set up, go to the indicator section and add the Bollinger Bands indicator. Adjust the settings by selecting a 200-period moving average for the middle line. This indicator will serve as a crucial tool for identifying potential trading opportunities.

The Range Breakout Approach

Now that your chart is ready, let’s understand the range breakout approach. When the market breaks above the top blue line of the Bollinger Bands during normal trading hours, it’s an opportunity for a call credit spread. Conversely, if it breaks below the bottom blue line, it’s a chance to enter a put credit spread. It’s important to note that these trades are ideal when they occur during the middle of the day. If the breakout happens overnight, it’s best to avoid the trade. This approach capitalizes on price action and aims for profits whether the market moves up or down.

Targeting Trades with the MEIC Approach

When the market is in the middle and you’re uncertain about the direction, the Multiple Entry Iron Condor (MEIC) approach comes into play. This strategy involves placing an iron condor with call credit spreads near the upper blue line and put credit spreads near the lower blue line. This creates a high probability trade with a win rate ranging from 70% to 80%. Adjust your positions as the market breaks out — eliminate the put side for a call credit spread when moving up and vice versa when moving down.

Mastering the Stress-Free 0 DTE SPX Trading System

This stress-free SPX 0 DTE trading system is all about simplicity and consistency. By following the steps outlined — from setting up your chart with Bollinger Bands to executing the range breakout and MEIC approaches — you can navigate these options with confidence. Target 30 Delta trades, set reasonable take-profit levels, and implement stop-loss measures to manage risk effectively.

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