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Ever wondered how to consistently generate $1,200 in monthly profits through options trading? In this article, I’m excited to share with you the unique options trading strategy that has consistently allowed me to generate around $1,200 in monthly profits. It’s a method that deviates from conventional approaches, providing a fresh perspective on trading strangles. So, buckle up, and let me walk you through my approach step by step.

Understanding Strangles and Their Pitfalls

Let’s start with the basics — what exactly is a strangle strategy? A strangle involves selling both an out-of-the-money call and an out-of-the-money put. The idea is to profit when the stock stays within a certain price range. However, the conventional wisdom of placing the call and put at an equal distance can be limiting. Markets rarely remain neutral for long periods, and trends can break through these predetermined levels, resulting in losses for traders.

Skewing Strangles — A Game-Changing Approach

My strategy, which I call “skewed strangles,” addresses this limitation by acknowledging the market’s tendency to trend over time. Instead of placing the call and put equidistant from the current stock price, I adjust their positions based on the prevailing trend. If the market is trending upward, I give the call side more room while keeping the put side closer. Conversely, if I anticipate a downward trend, I adjust the put side closer and give the call side more space. This adaptive approach allows me to capitalize on the market’s directional movements.

Enhancing Win Rates through Tactical Management

The key to success in any trading strategy lies not just in the setup but also in how you manage your positions. Unlike the common practice of aiming for a 50% profit margin, I opt for a more disciplined approach with a 25% profit target. By doing so, I halve the time I spend in trades, typically closing positions within 10 days. This adjustment not only increases my win rate but also allows me to exit trades faster, minimizing potential risks.

Moreover, I maintain a 3X stop loss, which translates to closing the trade if it reaches a $1,000 loss. This way, I balance the risk-reward ratio and ensure that my losses are manageable while aiming for consistent profits.

Skewed Strangle Strategy

My skewed strangle strategy, coupled with a tactical management approach, has proven to be a game-changer in my options trading journey. By adapting to market trends and being disciplined in profit-taking and loss-cutting, I’ve achieved a remarkable win rate and consistent monthly returns. Remember, the market is dynamic, and embracing flexibility in your trading approach can make all the difference.

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