How To Trade Vertical Credit Spreads With A Full-Time Job

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Here’s everything you need to know about trading credit spreads for a living and following a strategy that is statistically proven to work even if you work full-time. This is the exact strategy that I use in my six figure portfolio. Not only that, but I have also taught it to hundreds of others. Now that I have your attention, let’s dive into it 🙂

The Vertical Credit Spreads Trading Strategy

As shown in the performance image above, this vertical credit spreads trading strategy can help you massively outperform the overall market ($SPY). It will also limit your losses and even make money during bear markets. However, it will require you to actively manage your portfolio (2–3 trades a week or 10 mins a week). My secret is to use limit orders to enter credit spreads. If you use limit orders, then you can automatically enter a trade even if you are in a meeting at work.

These strategies that I developed have taken me over five years to create. Nevertheless, I am going to give them to you for free in hopes that you make money and join my Inner Circle Credit Spreads program.

Strategy #1: True Turtle Strategy — 92% Win Rate

This strategy is used in bullish and uptrending markets. This strategy has the most occurrences because the market is statistically trending up for a vast majority of the year.

Entry Rules:

  • Wait for the stock to be between the green and yellow line ( +1 and +4 standard deviations of the 200 day moving average )
  • Determine your short strike price for the put credit spread ( stock close price x 97% )
  • Determine your expiration date ( current date + 12 days then round up to the next Friday )
  • Setup the trade in your broker (sell to open the short strike price, buy to open the strike price below the short price, and use the expiration determine above)
  • Ensure you are collecting at least .15 in credit for placing the put spread
  • If you can collect .15, officially place the trade

My Trading Handbook With All Six Strategies

I put together a trading handbook that every vertical credit spreads trader should keep on their desk when they are trading. It includes proven rules to follow, step by step strategy instructions and more. That way you are never scared of what’s coming next or nervous about what to do next, and instead, consistently profit in any type of market.


If you have any questions about this handbook or trading vertical credit spreads, shoot me a Discord DM or Email at

Thanks for reading 🙂
Austin Bouley
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