How I Place 112 & 111 Option Trades On Futures

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Curious about maximizing your profits in options trading? Ever wondered how to execute the powerful 112 and 111 option trades on Futures for both bullish and bearish market conditions? I’ll walk you through the step-by-step process of placing 112 and 111 option trades on ES Futures. These strategies have proven to be some of the best passive income options trading methods, allowing you to profit in both bullish and bearish market conditions. I’ll guide you through executing a 112 trade, ensuring it’s easy to understand and implement.

Setting Up the Trade

To start, navigate to ES Futures and enter the trade tab. I prefer looking at options with approximately 45 days until expiration. Following my 112 trading plan, I’ll buy the 30 Delta, sell the 28 Delta to create a put debit spread, and finally, go for options with around 7 Delta and high open interest. This sets the stage for a well-structured trade.

Executing the Trade in Two Parts

Unfortunately, due to market complexities, placing a 112 trade directly might not be supported by some brokers. In such cases, we need to split the trade into two parts: selling puts and creating a put debit spread. I demonstrate how to sell puts, collect premium, and then use that collected money to set up the put debit spread. It’s a simple yet effective workaround to ensure you can implement the strategy.

Viewing and Managing the Trade

Once the trade is set up, we dive into viewing and managing it. Using trading platforms like TastyWorks, I show you how to group positions together for better tracking. I name the trade, set profit targets (as per my PDF guide), and ensure I’m well-prepared for potential exits at either a 90% profit or a break in the Bollinger Bands.

The 112 and 111 Option Trades

The 112 and 111 option trades on Futures can be powerful tools in your trading arsenal. By following a systematic approach and utilizing the two-part execution method, you can navigate potential restrictions imposed by brokers. Remember, risk management is key, and having a clear plan in place, as outlined in my free PDF guide, will keep you on the right track.

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CEO & Chief Strategy Officer



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